Boost Your Business

We are a IT Sourcing company giving you access to world class talent within days.
Hire from half a person to a dedicated department.

Strategic Planning

Optimize your operations and let us handle the work load for you. Can be even 1 hour job to an enterprise workload

Grow Your Business

Build your brand in a way to stand out among the crowd, let the customers remember you for your vision.

Scale Faster

Expand your team quickly and efficiently with highly curated and managed team members.

Increased Quality

Well qualified staff doing your work monitored by by experienced management for highest quality delivery.

Massive Savings On Expenses

Save upto 75% on staff salaries, office spaces, rent, legal fees and other expenses when hiring staff.

Virtual Assistance & Tech Support

Our teams will take care of you all the way from small administration work to technical support for your work.

Top-Tier Managed IT Services Starting at £9/Hour

Access to world class tech talent without breaking the bank

We provide everything from consulting, designing, development and continuous support services for any size business, even if its a task for a 1 person or a whole IT department.

Artificial Intelligence

Integrate and work with Machine learning, Predictive analytics, Automation tools.

Mobile Application Development

In a world where everything is in mobile, let’s put your business name in the most used apps.

Unreal / Unity Game Development

Gaming has become so popular among everybody. Develop your idea to a game with out expert team


Build a website with a shopping cart and sell any product or service online.

Designing & Animations

Design any 2d graphics and drawings, bring your imagination to life

Mixed Reality Applications

Create Virtual reality and mixed reality games and applications for mobile, desktop and web

Social Media Marketing

Tap into the worldwide market through the internet and will reach out

3D Modelling & Animations

Develop and design models and use it in games, videos and movies

Web3 & Decentralized Internet

We work with all sorts of NFT development, marketplaces, and smart contracts.

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